Aisle of the Damned: 06/23/17- It Has to Wash Its Sheets in the Morning

Transformers: It Comes on a Rough Night

Two weeks ago saw the opening of It Comes at Night. Last week, we had the bachelorette comedy Rough Night. This week we get Transformers: The Last Knight dropped on us like a 10-ton anvil. Coincidence?


Regardless, Bryan and Kent are here to slice and dice films for your pleasure and It Comes at Night and Rough Night are both on the chopping block. So which is worth your dollars? The divisive psychological horror film or the gender-bent Very Bad Things? Find out in this episode! Plus, we have Pixar’s latest: the inevitable Cars 3. Does it handle better than the second entry?

PLUS, we have some movie news, including some superhero stuff. All this and less on Aisle of the Damned!

The Aquabats- Stuck in a Movie
Richard Cheese and Lounge Against the Machine- Down with the Sickness

Aisle of the Damned: Episode Whatever – One Last Ride……Again.


We’re baaaack!

Kent and Bryan discuss the Netflix Television Series Daredevil in detail and covering spoilers! Also talk about some recent trailers like Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Ant Man, Fantastic Four and rant about Batman vs. Superman. Finally we review Furious Seven! Join us for the hilarity and Bryan cutting Kent off everytime he tries to speak!

The Aquabats– Stuck in a Movie
Nervous Norvus- Transfusion