Plain Label Podcast: Pod Shots – Star Trek: First Contact

Welcome back to another episode of Pod Shots!  In this episode I’m joined by returning guest Shawn Pryor, as we discuss the 1996 film Star Trek: First Contact!  We begin with a discussion of our histories with the Star Trek franchise and specifically the movies. We move on to discuss the new additions to the cast this time around with James Cromwell playing Zephram Cochran and Alfre Woodard as Lily.  

We then get into the meat of the film, talking about the plot points that work, Worf finding interesting ways to always join the Enterprise crew, Geordi having nothing to do and how he could never get any ladies.  We break down how this film has some of the all time great lines and scenes in Star Trek movies including Eric’s personal favorite Star Trek scene, the Moby Dick scene.  It’s of course another entertaining discussion with the always fascinating Shawn Pryor and an episode of Pod Shots not to miss!

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