Plain Label Podcast Episode 26 – Harry Potter Part 2

plain label 2Welcome back to another episode of the Plain Label Podcast! In this episode we continue on with our month of Harry Potter focusing this time on the final four films in the Harry Potter franchise! We are once again joined by Courtney Leaver and we dig deeply into the films, hence the nearly 3 hour long episode, and while Eric continues to ask questions, one thing is clear, read the book, and everything is explained! We get into: why Snape is such an interesting character, why one of the Deathly Hallows would have been given to a small child, the darker turn with David Yates behind the camera, why Ron is such a pussy all the time, should Hermoine be the leader of Dumbledore’s Army instead of Harry, Why does Ron just happen to have extra wands, and why we can not see an important death scene that isn’t Dobby’s? We get into further questions and continue to drink leading us to the discover of Rachel’s next big thing: American Potter and Duct Tape Spells! It’s a fun and funny episode of the Plain Label Podcast!

Harry Potter Theme – John Williams
O Children – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

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