Plain Label Podcast Episode 27 – Romantic Dramas Part 1

plain label 1 no bkgrdIt’s our 1 year anniversary show! Yay for us! Since it’s been exactly a year since this show start, we decided to take a look back at what our very first show was, and re-visit that discussion of movies, with a dramatic twist. Also in this episode we make an announcement for some changes in the way we do our Pod Shots episodes, so look for that! Getting into the actual discussion we do take on four films about romance with a dramatic turn. We discuss the films The Philadelphia Story, Before Sunrise, Sense and Sensibility and Before Sunset. We look at each film and essentially discuss if the romance between the leads is believable and if the film works at all for you. Also, Eric goes on and on about the Before Sunrise/Sunset films….he kind of loves them. It’s a fun and funny episode of the Plain Label Podcast!


Come Here – Kath Bloom

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