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Kent’s Damned Movie Reviews: Muppets Most Wanted

Muppets Most Wanted is a worthy follow-up to the characters’ 2011 comeback film and it starts right where the last one left off. In a strange opening, it is implied that the last movie was the film version of the … Continue reading

Kent’s Damned Movie Reviews: Veronica Mars

A long time ago, we used to be friends. But we hadn’t thought of her lately at all. At least until last year when Veronica Mars’ creator Rob Thomas started their infamous Kickstarter campaign to make a feature film continuation … Continue reading

Kent’s Movie Diary: Dead birds for everybody!

THE LONE RANGER- “I can’t help but feel it’s a mistake to try to mash up Pirates of the Caribbean and Unforgiven.” -Nobody associated with The Lone Ranger film Anyone else remember that Night Court episode where they had the … Continue reading

Kent’s Damned Movie Reviews: The Wind Rises

Author’s note: This review is for the original Japanese language version of film. There is a dubbed version also being shown in the U.S., but I have not seen it. Check your local listings to see what is being shown … Continue reading

Kent’s Movie Diary: Machetes, Swords, Hammers and… Ghosts.

That’s right folks! It’s time for another Movie Diary, filled with what I’ve had my eyeballs glued to over the last week or two. MACHETE/MACHETE KILLS- How does one even begin to review Robert Rodriguez’s Machete films? In a way, … Continue reading

Kent’s Movie Diary: Netflix Roundup

I’ve been trying to catch up on some stuff in my Netflix queue. Finally. I had the same discs sitting in front of my TV for, like, four months. So let’s take stock of some things I’ve seen lately on … Continue reading

Kent’s Damned Movie Reviews: The Lego Movie and The Monuments Men

Author’s Note: This review gets into the contrasting themes of these two films. Despite all attempts to the contrary, discussion of some of these themes may be looked at as spoilers, somewhat. For those that may be squeamish about such … Continue reading

Kent’s Damned Movie Reviews: Lone Survivor

Peter Berg loves him some military. Battleship was widely regarded as a pretty rah rah film towards men in uniform, even as one wondered whether the military would want to be involved in or even praised by it, given it … Continue reading

Kent’s Movie Diary: Samurai, Santa and Scooby-Doo

ZATOICHI- I’m about halfway into the Zatoichi film series and man, is it a lot of fun. After ordering the 25-film set from Criterion when it came out around November, I’ve been picking at it here and there, sometimes watching … Continue reading

Kent’s Damned Movie Reviews: Her

Spike Jonze’s new film, Her, is the best romantic prequel to the Terminator franchise I can imagine. Jonze has always been an enigma to me. I love the man and the bulk of his work. His smart, sarcastic and trippy … Continue reading