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CWM: Interview w/ Brittani Nichols creator of Words with Girls

On the newest episode of CWM. I interview comic, writer, actress, improvisor Brittani Nichols about her pilot “Words with Girl.” (Which you can see in the show notes) We get into the ins and outs of the project. From its inception to the final product and what we can do to see more. Then I […]

CWM: Gotham, Shield and the Flash w/ Hector Navarro

  On a new Cameron Watches Movies, I’m joined by Hector Navarro as we change gears and talk about the new superhero shows that have recently started. We first dive into “Gotham,” move on the second season of “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D,” how is this new season hold up compared to the first? And we wrapped […]

CWM: Maleficent, A million ways to die in the West, 22 Jump Street w/ Hector Navarro

I’m joined once again by Hector Navarro as we discuss Disney’s new film “Maleficent,” Seth MacFarlane’s “A Million Ways to Die in the West.” And finally a sequel to the beloved “22 Jump Street.” Hector also gives his thoughts on “Edge of Tomorrow” and we discuss some other films we’ve watched. Enjoy!       […]

CWM: Interview w/ documentary director Nicole Day

                                On this episode of CWM, instead of talking about a new movie that’s been released, I decided to do something different. On this episode I sit down with director Nicole Day and talk to her about her new film […]

Edge of Tomorrow w/ Mark David Christenson

On this episode of CWM, I’m joined by improvisor Mark David Christenson as we discuss the new Tom Cruise vehicle “Edge of Tomorrow.” What do we think of Cruise in general and what did we think of his new film? And we discuss some other films we watched. Enjoy!

CWM: X-men DOFP and The Amazing Spider-Man 2

                  On this episode, I’m joined by improvisor and comic book fan Hector Navarro as we discuss the double header of “X-men: Days of Future Past,” and the new “Amazing Spider-Man 2.” We spend some time on X-men and the series as a whole before diving in […]

CWM: Godzilla

                          On this episode of CWM, I’m joined by fellow life long Godzilla fans Paul Montgomery and Timmy Wood, we first delve into the news of Edger Wright leaving the Ant-Man film, before we discuss our personal histories with the original Godzilla films […]

CWM: The Grand Budapest Hotel

On this episode of CWM, a movie comes out that’s worth talking about. I’m joined by Paul Montgomery and for the first time appearing on CWM, Miss Ali Colluccio. We discuss our own history with Wes Anderson’s work before diving into the new film. Enjoy!  

CWM: Frozen

On this episode of CWM. I’m joined by comic Katherine Alyse to discuss Disney’s newest film “Frozen.” We discuss out feelings on modern animated films today and our thoughts on animated films we grew up on. We also have a discussion Bechdel test, before discussing other films we’ve watched. Enjoy!           […]

CWM: American Hustle & Ninja II: Shadow of a Tear

On this episode of CWM, I’m joined by Chris Taber and Brendan Hay to discuss the new David O. Russell’s film “American Hustle.” What we think? And how do we feel that it’ll probably win the Oscar? From there we move onto a totally different kind of film, discussing Ninja II: Shadow of a Tear […]