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CWM: Her

On this episode of CWM, I’m joined by Dave and Paul as we dive into Spike Jonze’s newest film “Her.” We first discuss our thoughts on Jonze’s filmography up to date and then drive into the film itself. With the film we discuss the generals, like plot and acting but we also talk about the […]

CWM: The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

On this episode of CWM, I’m joined by Paul and Dave as we discuss the newest Hobbit film. How do we feel about this serious in general, is this “better” then the first film? And how did we see it? Listen and find out.                       […]

CWM: Inside Llewyn Davis

On this episode, I’m joined by Dave Accampo to discuss the new Coen Brother’s film, “Inside Llewyn Davis.”  

CWM: Oldboy

On this episode of CWM, I’m joined by writer Brendan Hay as we discuss Spike Lee’s newest film “Oldboy.” We talk about what we think of Spike and the original Oldboy before diving into this film. Does this film deserve all the hate it’s received? What do we think works? What doesn’t? And we wrap […]

CWM: Frances Ha & Catching Fire

After a long hiatus, we’re back to talk more movies. On this episode I’m joined by Paul Montgomery and David Accampo to discuss the passing of Peter O’ Toole, Godzilla and Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailers. We then dive into Noah Baumbach’s newest film “Frances Ha” and finally wrap it up with a discussion on “Hunger […]

Criterion Talk: Heaven’s Gate

On this new episode of Criterion Talk. Paul and Cameron dish on the controversial Michael Cimino film “Heaven’s Gate.” Was this film the disaster critics claimed it to be when it came out in 1980? Did this film deserve the status of killing the New Hollywood era? Or perhaps is this a misunderstood masterpiece? We […]

CWM: Kick-Ass 2

On this episode of CWM, I’m joined by Chris Taber to discuss the last superhero film of the summer, Kick-Ass 2, the sequel to the cult hit Kick-Ass, we talk about how we feel about the original, if this one holds water in comparison, etc. We also discuss our thoughts on Affleck as Batman and […]

CWM: The Wolverine

On this episode of CWM, I’m joined by Mr. Pat Loika and comic journalist Albert Ching to discuss the newest cinematic adventure featuring everyone’s favorite insane metal boned Canadian. We also discuss our thoughts on the previous X-men films and what we think the future will hold. Enjoy!  

CWM: Man of Steel

On this episode of CWM, I’m joined by Superman fan Gil Baron to discuss the new Zack Snyder film “Man of Steel.” We dive into the choices the film makes, the changes to cannon, and compare and contrast between this film and the other Superman origins presented in film and television. Check out Gil on […]

CWM: Star Trek Into Darkness

On this episode I’m joined by Paul and Dave as well as new guest, Trek geek Brian McNamara to discuss the newest film in J.J. Abrams Star Trek film series. Thoughts? We have many.