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William Friedkin Finale

On the last episode of or Friedkin run, we talk about why it is our final Friedkin episode. We then dive into the big studio the Hunted, before wrapping up with two indie plays to film adaptations “Bug” and “Killer Joe.” What did we think of the Friedkin ride? Then we announce our new director.

William Friedkin Episode 2

On this episode of Filmographies, Cameron and Eric are joined by writer/artist Gabriel Hardman to discuss the golden age of Friedkin. We discuss “The French Connection,” “The Exorcist” and “Sorcerer.” Did we love all three? Did arguments in sue? Has anyone seen French Connection 2 or the Exorcists prequels? Give a listen and find out! … Continue reading William Friedkin Episode 2

William Friedkin Episode 1

On this episode of Filmographies. We start another marathon featuring a director with many films. That director is Chicago’s own William Friedkin. But before we get to the famous films, we have to start from the beginning. We enter “Good Times” with Sonny and Cher, “The Night they Raided Minsky’s” and ending it with the […]

Filmographies: Jonathan Glazer

On this episode of Filmographies, Eric and Cameron are joined by the OG Filmographies crew of Timmy Wood and David Accampo to do a one shot episode and discuss the films of Jonathan Glazer. We get into the smooth fun world of “Sexy Beast,” the forgotten (and underrated?) “Birth,” before discussing this years challenging “Under […]

Filmographies: Hayao Miyazaki Part 3

On the newest episode of Filmographies. Eric, Cameron and Paul continue to go down the magical road of Hayao Miyzazaki. We discuss the rather violent, “Princess Monanoki,” the Oscar winning, “Spirited Away,” and wrap it up with the whimsical “How’s Moving Castle.” We then get into out top 3 at the moment before discussing the […]

Filmographies: Hayao Miyazaki Part 2

On this episode of Filmographies, we continue down the road of Hayao Miyazaki as we discuss “My Neighbor Totoro,” “Kiki’s Delivery Service,” and “Porco Rosso.” Do we consider Totoro the classic? What did we think of the talking Cat? Has Eric turned around on Miyazaki? Listen and find out!

Filmographies: Hayao Miyazaki Part 1

We’re back with a new director. This time we dive into our first animation director, with someone that is a master if not arguably THE master, Hayao Miyazaki. We’re joined by great guy and Miyazaki fan Paul Montgomery as we dive into this magical world. First we discuss “The Castle of Cagliostro” which was Miyazaki’s […]

Filmographies: Sam Peckinpah Episode 5.

On the final episode of Sam Peckinpah, we discuss his last two films. 1978′s Convoy and 1983′s The Osterman Weekend. We then rank the films and announce our next director! Enjoy!

Filmographies: Sam Peckinpah Episode 4

On this episode of episode of Filmographies. Cameron and Eric near the end of the Sam Peckinpah film set. They start off with the infamous “Bring me the Head of Alfredo Garcia,” move onto the forgotten “The Killer Elite” and wrap it up with the under valued “Cross of Iron.” Some of these films being […]

Filmographies: Robocop Special!

On this special episode of filmographies. Cameron and Eric dive into the Robocop series of films. Starting with 1987′s Robocop, all the way to the new Robocop remake. The sequels, the music, the costume. It’s all discussed. What did we like? What did we question? And what just didn’t work? Listen! Enjoy! Times: Robocop 2: […]