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Filmographies: Sam Peckinpah Episode 3

On this episode of Filmographies, we hit the middle batch of Peckinpah’s work. We discuss his first work with Steve McQueen, the rodeo film “Junior Bonner,” his modern day heist film written by Walter Hill, “The Getaway” and end things with the infamous but newly reevaluated and final Western “Pat Garret and Billy the Kid.” […]

Filmographies: Sam Peckinpah Episode 2

On this episode of Filmographies. Cameron and Eric begin to dig deeper into the world of Sam Peckinpah. We discuss the classic “The Wild Bunch,” the under seen “The Ballad of Cable Houge.” And finally wrap it up with the controversial “Straw Dogs.” The violence, the women, the men and the drinking. It’s all discussed. […]

Filmographies: Sam Peckinpah Episode 1

On this episode of Filmographies. We dive into films of Sam Peckinpah. We open up with “Deadly Companions,” move into “Ride the High Country” and finish off with the trobuled “Major Dundee.” In all of this we discuss Peckinpah’s themes, his life, his hard partying ways, and the problems he ran into while creating these […]

Filmographies: Twin Peaks Special

Cameron is absent for this episode, so Eric takes the drives seat. He leads the conversation between himself, “Hollywood” Dave Accampo and for the first time on the show Zack Kruse. They dive into the first two season of the show, the film “Fire Walk with Me” and the ancillary works (books, music, etc.) Enjoy!

Filmographies: Ang Lee Episode 4

On this episode of filmographies, Eric and Cameron wrap up their discussion on director Ang Lee with conversations about the director’s last two films, “Taking Woodstock” and last year’s Oscar Winning (for directing and cinematography) “Life of Pi.” We discuss which was our favorite and least favorite film of the bunch and announce our next […]

Filmographies: Ang Lee Episode 3

On this episode of Filmographies, we discuss the point of Lee’s career when he becomes a massive name. We get into “Hulk,” “Brokeback Mountain” and “Lust, Caution.” What’d we think? The answers may surprise you.

Filmographies: Ang Lee Episode 2

On this episode of Filmographies, Eric and Cameron discuss more Ang Lee. On this episode we dive into 1997′s “The Ice Storm,” 1999′s “Ride with the Devil” and 2000′s “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.”

Filmographies: Evil Dead Special

Another Filmographies special. On this episode, Cameron, Eric and (the returning) Dave Accampo sit down to discuss the Evil Dead Series. The three original Sam Raimi films (Evil Dead, Evil Dead II and Army of Darkness). As well as the recent remake. Which of the originals is our favorite? How does the remake stack up? […]

Filmographies: Ang Lee Episode 1

We’re back with a new director. Cameron and Eric discuss the first films of director Ang Lee. After finding his first film impossible to find, we move on to the Academy Award nominated “The Wedding Banquet.” Before getting into the drool inducing “Eat, Drink, Man, Woman.” And wrap it up with Sense and Sensibility. What […]

Filmographies: Die Hard Special

http://media.blubrry.com/movie_noise/p/www.movienoise.com/filmographies/podcasts/DieHard.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download On this special episode of Filmographies, Cameron sits down with Eric Williams and Pat Loika to discuss all the Die Hard films, from the classic first to the new “A Good Day To Die Hard.” Each film is discussed and the opinons on each may surprise you, or […]