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The Return of Movie Noise

Image via Wikipedia The Movie Noise podcast will be returning soon. I have been watching a lot of movies from a lot of different genres. In fact, some of the science fiction movies will also be crossposted with SciFi Noise and the comic book/superhero movies will be crossposted with Comic Book Noise. Since I have […]

What Will Never Be: A Glimpse At The Gatchaman Trailer

This is crossposted on the Movie Noise and Comic Book Noise blogs. I have been so busy with so many things that I had no idea there was a Gatchaman movie in the works; I did not know the animation studio working on it had all but gone out of business; and I did not […]

A Review of Tim Burton’s 9

My friend Delia (who left a great audio comment on the Twilight/Let The Right One In episode and is a cohost of the Minutes After Watching Movie Review podcast) wrote a review of Tim Burton’s 9 for The Furnace (a website run by my good friend Damian Smith, host of the Kryptographik and Welcome to […]

Dig! The Movie

I first heard of this movie back when Dave Slusher talked about it on Evil Genius Chronicles. I have not had a chance to watch it, but it is now online for all to see.

Status of the Movie Noise podcast

The Movie Noise podcast will return. I promise. There is no reason for the gap between episodes other than laziness. Thankfully, the guys from the Cinerama podcast have been keeping the feed alive, but I cannot rely on the kindness of those strange guys for too long. I have been watching a bunch of movies […]

Sequel to Rob Zombie’s Halloween

I received a press release today and although I usually don’t just post them, I was listening to Geek Brunch Episode 69 where they were talking about Rob Zombie’s Halloween and how it compared to John Carpenter’s Halloween. Since it was fresh on my mind, I decided ‘why not?’ So here is the press release […]

George Carlin dead at 71

I woke up this morning, fired up Firefox and on my homepage is the headline "Edgy Comic George Carlin dies in LA, aged 71" and thought "Damn."  I know there are seven other words that should have come to mind, but what do you expect it was early. Here is a link to the TimesOnline […]

Harvey Korman dead?

According to the NBC Nightly News, Harvey Korman is dead. However, I haven’t been find any confirmation online, but I don’t see why they would make up a fake death for him of all people. Like most people, I remember him best from The Carol Burnett Show and Blazing Saddles, but I want to say […]

New Site

OK, now that I have moved all of the posts into the new site, I will get around to reviewing some more movies. Don’t forget to let me know what you think of the new digs and also suggest some movies. I have a huge Netflix queue, but I’m always on the lookout for some […]