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Frazer Irving’s MONSTERS poster

Frazer Irving, the comic book artist of Marvel’s Silent War and DC’s The Return of Bruce Wayne and the ‘Batman and Robin Must Die!’ storyarc from Batman & Robin, has created the poster for the movie MONSTERS. MONSTERS is currently available on Video On Demand, iTunes, XBox Live, Playstation Marketplace, Amazon and Vudu. It will […]

What Will Never Be: A Glimpse At The Gatchaman Trailer

This is crossposted on the Movie Noise and Comic Book Noise blogs. I have been so busy with so many things that I had no idea there was a Gatchaman movie in the works; I did not know the animation studio working on it had all but gone out of business; and I did not […]

Sequel to Rob Zombie’s Halloween

I received a press release today and although I usually don’t just post them, I was listening to Geek Brunch Episode 69 where they were talking about Rob Zombie’s Halloween and how it compared to John Carpenter’s Halloween. Since it was fresh on my mind, I decided ‘why not?’ So here is the press release […]

An ‘American Pimp’ sequel

According to Hollywood Reporter, The Hughes Brothers are making a sequel to ‘American Pimp’ called ‘Gentlemen of Leisure’. I can’t wait.

Sienna Miller as The Baroness from GI Joe

Although I liked the original Marvel GI Joe series, I was never a fan of the cartoon and I wasn’t looking forward to the upcoming movie.  However, with each new detail that comes out, the more I want to actually see it in the theatre.  The latest is an image of Sienna Miller as The […]

Sex and The City Trailer

Sex and The City is a new release this week.

Iron Sky Trailer

Iron Sky Trailer My friend Martha pointed me in the direction of this trailer.  It looks very intriguing.  I’m curious to see what the story is going to be like.  The music for the trailer is haunting beautiful.  I thought that it was either Madeleine Peyroux or Eva Cassidy at first, but it turns out […]

Journeyman star in Terminator 4

Great news for Moon Bloodgood, who played in the late lamented (at least by me) television show Journeyman. According to The Hollywood Reporter, she will star in Terminator 4, along with Christian Bale, Sam Worthington and Anton Yelchin. I already had high hopes for T4 (after T3 they can only go up) even with McG […]

The next movie I want to see

THE FOOT FIST WAY trailer – Restricted Red Band Trailer on FunnyOrDie.com

Question about Cloverfield

The more I see of this movie, the more the question comes to my mind: Is Cloverfield an Americanized version of The Host? I’ve been avoiding as many spoilers as I can and I am relying just on the trailers that I see on TV and on the Web. It seems like there is a […]