CWM: The Dark Knight Rises Read more

CWM: The Dark Knight Rises

The long wait is over! On this spoiler filled episode. We discuss the Dark Knight Rises. I’m joined once again by Paul Montgomery, Dave Accampo and Avengers fan #1, Pat Loika. But before jumping into the film, we do discuss the new “Superman” trailer, because how could you not? And then, nearly two hour discussion […]

CWM: The Amazing Spider-Man Read more

CWM: The Amazing Spider-Man

On this episode, Paul and I discuss “The Amazing Spider-Man.” The reboot of the Spider-Man films. We discuss the Sam Raimi films a bit, and then jump into “Amazing Spider-Man.” Thoughts are, mixed at best. If you agree or disagree with our views on this film, or want to write to us about any other […]