Interstellar w/ Dennis Curlett


On this episode of CWM. I’m joined by writer and improvisor and general film guy Dennis Curlett. I discuss why I haven’t seen a movie in sometime, before Dennis and I dig into Christoper Nolan’s newest film “Interstellar.” We discuss how we saw it, what we thought and begin a detour of M.Night Shyamalan’s films. Enjoy!

One thought on “Interstellar w/ Dennis Curlett

  • sofialocali


    I completely hear you when it comes to annoying cinema audiences, it’s the same in the UK, people having loud phone conversations or chatting as if they’re in a bar. Currently I live in Japan and it’s the best cinema experience I’ve ever had in the world.

    It seems to be something about Japanese culture maybe, but in every movie I’ve watched over here, as soon as the movie begins, everyone goes completely silent and no one talks, even when the credits roll. It’s paradise for movie lovers.

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