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Agents of Shield Season 3 Premiere review

Agents of Shied is back and the hunt for the Inhumans is on!   After what can be considered at best a rough season one (honestly I stopped watching during the first season). A very much improved season two and now contending with the amazing Daredevil and Agent Carter, Agents of Shield is back. And […]

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Wes Craven: Thanks

Being a horror fan is interesting. It can often feel like you’re an outsider, even among people who consider themselves cinephiles. There’s even a question on OKcupid about “Do you like scary movies?” I have always marked yes. Most of my matches say “no.” Horror films are the boondocks of cinema. Often looked at as […]

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I don’t know when I became aware of Roger Ebert. I think like anyone who was already a known public figure when I was born; he’s always just been there. His name was on movie poster, in commercials or cartoons, comedians and late night talk shows through most of the 90’s. Any time you saw […]