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Meteor Freaks! Episode 0

Welcome! To the start of a new podcast. Meteor Freaks: A Smallville podcast. Where I, Cameron Rice, will discuss the show Smallville one episode at a time with guests.  This is episode 0. Where I dive into why I’m doing this, the goal of the show and how much I want to hear from you! […]

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CWM: Star Wars The Force Awakens w/ Hector Navarro

There’s been an awakening! So CWM is back to discuss the new Star Wars movie! Joined by Hector Navarro we dive deep, discuss where we think it’s going, reveal what we love and maybe some issues. Strap in, jump to light speed and get ready to go to a Galaxy Far Far Away. Play […]

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CWM: Terminator Genisys and Comic Con 2015

On the newest episode of CWM, I’m joined by Hector Navarro and Dennis Curlett to discuss the newest Terminator film. How do three fans of the Terminator series feel about this new film? You can probably guess. After that Hector sticks around as we talk about Comic Con and the trailers to Batman V Superman  and Suicide […]

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CWM: Jurassic World

On this episode of CWM, I’m joined by my GeekFlashback co-host Hector Navarro to discuss the new Jurassic Park film. We talk about our history with the franchise before diving into the new movie. It’s two Jurassic nerds just nerding out (and nitpicking). Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSS

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GFB: A Nightmare on Elm Street 1-3

On this episode of Geekflashback. Cameron and Hector are joined by Kyle Kenyon to discuss the first three films in the Nightmare on Elm Street saga. Cameron and Kyle have seen them all, for Hector, this is a first time watch. The conversation gets interesting and discusses the ideas of good and bad sequels. And […]

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Interstellar w/ Dennis Curlett

On this episode of CWM. I’m joined by writer and improvisor and general film guy Dennis Curlett. I discuss why I haven’t seen a movie in sometime, before Dennis and I dig into Christoper Nolan’s newest film “Interstellar.” We discuss how we saw it, what we thought and begin a detour of M.Night Shyamalan’s films. […]

CWM: X-men DOFP and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Read more

CWM: X-men DOFP and The Amazing Spider-Man 2

                  On this episode, I’m joined by improvisor and comic book fan Hector Navarro as we discuss the double header of “X-men: Days of Future Past,” and the new “Amazing Spider-Man 2.” We spend some time on X-men and the series as a whole before diving in […]

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CWM: Godzilla

                          On this episode of CWM, I’m joined by fellow life long Godzilla fans Paul Montgomery and Timmy Wood, we first delve into the news of Edger Wright leaving the Ant-Man film, before we discuss our personal histories with the original Godzilla films […]