Cameron Watches Movies: Green Lantern Read more

Cameron Watches Movies: Green Lantern

On this new and long episode of “Cameron Watches Movies” I’m joined by David Accampo, Paul Montgomery and Elizabeth once again. In News, we talk about: James Mangold to direct Wolverine Russell Crowe as Jor-El Jurassic Park reboot/4 and our pitches for that series Drafthouse Talking in the theater ad and finally the Academy Awards […]

Cameron Watches Movies: Rango Read more

Cameron Watches Movies: Rango

On this edition of Cameron Watches movies, I’m joined once again by Paul Montgomery. In movie news, we discuss: Shane Black does Iron Man 3, Whedon’s Avengers: Possible Kree Skrull War?, Blade Runner Sequel Prequel plans, No Mounts of Madness for Del Toro, moving onto the Pacific Rim. In trailers, we talk about Conan The […]

Cameron Watches Movies: Biutiful Read more

Cameron Watches Movies: Biutiful

On this new Cameron Watches Movies, I’m once again joined by Paul from Fuzzytypewriter and ifanboy and Elizabeth Hayhurst. We discuss the new Thor and X-men: First Class trailer, and get into a debate over the much talked about “Dead Island” video game trailer. From there we dive into a discussion of “Biutiful”, “The Way […]