Filmographies: David Lynch Episode 3 Read more

Filmographies: David Lynch Episode 3

On our final episode of David Lynch (not counting the soon to come Twin Peaks special) Eric and Cameron sit down to discuss the the G Rated Disney film “Straight Story,” the, now considered a modern day Masterpiece, “Mulholland Drive,” and finally dive into the 3 hour long and digitally shot “Inland Empire.”

Filmographies: David Lynch Episode 2 Read more

Filmographies: David Lynch Episode 2

On the new episode of Filmographies, Cameron and Eric are joined by Writer/Artist Gabe Hardman to discuss the next three films in David Lynch’s filmography, those films are “Blue Velvet” “Wild at Heart” and (due to skipping Twin Peaks for a special) “Lost Highway.” Which film is the most beloved and which film causes some […]

Filmographies: David Lynch Episode 1 Read more

Filmographies: David Lynch Episode 1

On the newest Episode of Filmographies, Cameron is joined by Eric Williams of the Plain Label Podcast to discuss the films of David Lynch. We dive into “Eraserhead” “The Elephant Man” and “Dune.” On does this interesting and edgy director hold up in the beginning? Listen and find out.

Filmographies: Soderbergh Episode 4 Read more

Filmographies: Soderbergh Episode 4

On this episode of Filmographies: Dave, Cameron and Timmy jump deeper into the well that is Steven Soderbergh. We discuss the Oscar winning “Traffic,” the crowd pleasing “Ocean’s 11” and the divisive “Full Frontal.” Also Timmy is sick, Dave has a comic, and other great things. Join us next time when we discuss “Solaris” “Ocean’s […]

Filmographies: Soderbergh Episode 3 Read more

Filmographies: Soderbergh Episode 3

We’re back! All three of us. On this episode of Filmographies we discuss “Out of Sight,” “The Limey,” and “Erin Brockovich.” We also do a lot of tangent talk, which is about right for us. Which films worked for us? And which film do we defend a bit? Give a listen and find out. And […]

Filmographies: Soderbergh Episode 2 Read more

Filmographies: Soderbergh Episode 2

We’re back! Well…most of us. David “Hollywood” Accampo had to sit this one out and get his comic ready. But Cameron and Timmy Wood sit down to discuss more Soderbergh, or at least they get to it eventually, at first, we ramble a bit. But once it begins, we discuss 1995’s “The Underneath” a “new […]

Filmographies – Soderbergh Pt. 1 Read more

Filmographies – Soderbergh Pt. 1

We’re back, and with a new director. Steven Soderbergh. We go over his first three films 1989’s Palme d’Or winner “Sex, Lies and Videotape.” Then the rarely seen and sort of forgotten films, 1991’s “Kafka” and 1993’s “King of the Hill.” It’s another episode with agreements, disagreements and general lunacy. If you see these films […]

Filmographies: Mission Impossible special Read more

Filmographies: Mission Impossible special

Between directors, we return to do our Mission Impossible special just in time for the newest film in the series. The interesting thing about these series of films is that it has four very distinct directors with for very distinctly different films. Some we like, some, not so much. But give a listen and discover […]

Filmographies Episode 7 Read more

Filmographies Episode 7

We are finally here, the final episode of John Carpenter’s filmography. We dive into “Vampires”, “Ghost of Mars”, before Carpenter went on a break, directing episodes of “Masters of Horror.” And we finish things off with “The Ward.” How do we feel this all ended. We then rank our favorite John Carpenter films. And stay […]

Filmographies Episode 6 Read more

Filmographies Episode 6

On the penultimate episode of John Carpenter filmography, we go over the H.P. Lovecraft homage film “In the Mouth of Madness.” Journey to “The Village of the Damned” and finally we “Escape from L.A.” Enjoy this new episode as we have one more episode to go in the world of John Carpenter.