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Filmographies Episode 5

On the newest episode of Filmographies, the John Carpenter train keeps on rolling. On this episode we go over the modern classic “They Live” staring Roddy Pipper and Keith David. Then we head over to the Chevy Chase staring “Memoirs of an Invisible Man.” Before ending things with the Showtime original anthology movie/back-door pilot “Body […]

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Filmographies Episode 4

Finally, the newest episode of Filmographies! On this one hosts Cameron Rice, Timmy Wood and David Accampo discuss John Carpenter’s “Starman”, “Big Trouble in Little China”, and “Prince of Darkness.” There’s agreement, there’s argument, hopefully some laughs and maybe, just maybe, we learn a lesson. Enjoy!

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Filmographies Episode 3

On our third episode of Filmographies, we get deeper into the world of John Carpenter and it is good as we get into “Escape from New York”, “The Thing” and finally “Christine”. On this episode Cameron, Dave and Timmy are joined by Paul Montgomery, who we forced to watch “The Thing”. What’d he think? Do […]

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Filmographies Episode 2

After some time off so Timmy could get married, we’re back to talk more Carpenter. In this go around, Timmy, Dave and I go over “Someone’s Watching Me”, “Elvis” and “The Fog”. We agree on some, disagree on others and come up with “Brosbins.” Give a listen and enjoy!

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Filmographies Episode 1: Dark Stars and Assaults on Halloween

On this first episode of “Filmographies”, hosts Timmy Wood and Cameron Rice sit down with David Accampo to discuss the first three films in the career of John Carpenter. We start with “Dark Star”, move onto “Assault on Precinct 13” and finally talk about the classic “Halloween”. We dive in and dig deep. Enjoy. Reach […]

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Filmographies 0 – The Introduction

On this teaser episode, Cameron Rice and Timmy Wood introduce this new show, a breakdown and discussion of someone’s filmography. We talk about the genesis of this show and where we’re going. Then we go off the rails talking about The Mighty Ducks and Cool Runnings. Enjoy and see you with episode 1 soon!