Filmographies: Hayao Miyazaki Part 3


On the newest episode of Filmographies. Eric, Cameron and Paul continue to go down the magical road of Hayao Miyzazaki. We discuss the rather violent, “Princess Monanoki,” the Oscar winning, “Spirited Away,” and wrap it up with the whimsical “How’s Moving Castle.”

We then get into out top 3 at the moment before discussing the future plans as we wait for “The Wind Rises.” It’s a good one. Enjoy!

The Keith Show starring Keith Episode 6 – Who Goes There?

In this episode Keith is joined by Luke Foster, the creator of the comic Center of Somewhere, as they discuss the new season of Doctor Who and the new Doctor.

PLP – Pod Shots – The Killer

imageIn this episode, I’m joined by returning guest Shawn Pryor as we discuss the 1989 John Woo directed film The Killer. We begin with a quick discussion of how we discovered John Woo. We break down the different versions of English translation the movie has had before getting into the film, which was a revelation for Eric. We get into some of the main touches that John Woo uses, including the choreography with gun play, the doves, and his overall style. We also discuss with some detail, the ending of the film which includes some heartbreaking scenes. There is also a clue as to some films Shawn and I may be discussing in the future! It’s always great having Shawn on and you should check out his podcast as well as all the great things he’s doing over with Action Lab! You should do yourself a favor and check this one out!

Sally Yeh – The Killer (Main Theme)

Eric Williams, Shawn Pryor, Plain Label Podcast

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Movie Noise: Dog Days of Podcasting: Favorite Movies

Host Derek Coward returns to answer the seemingly simple question “What are some of your favorite movies?” but as we know nothing is ever that simple.

PLP – Episode 67 – Childhood Favorites Part 2

imageIn this episode we continue on with out look at Childhood Favorites with a discussion on the films Commando and Mrs. Doubtfire! Also on this episode, we’re joined by Anelle Strauss! We begin with a look at Commando. Eric discusses why this was one of his favorites and the trio discusses this ridiculous 80s action film. We get into some of the genuinely well done aspects of the film and some of the silly choices and questionable casting. We then move into Mrs. Doubtfire and talk briefly about Robin Williams. We then get into the history we have with the film and some of our favorite aspects of it. Eric discusses some of his difficulties with the film but those are quickly rebuked by Rachel and Anelle. It’s another fun discussion, and you should do yourself a favor and check it out!

Aerosmith – Dude Looks Like A Lady

Eric Williams, Rachel Szelag, Anelle Strauss, Plain Label Podcast

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PLP – Pod Shots – End of Watch

imageIn this episode, I’m joined by returning guest Courtney Leaver as we discuss the 2012 film End of Watch. We begin with a discussion of our history with the film and move into the way it’s shot, and discuss whether the first person camera technique is a benefit or a distraction. We get further into the film and talk about our two main characters and their interactions. One of us isn’t fully behind their relationship, I’ll let you guess who had a problem with it. From here, the discussion spirals into complaint about the film from one of us regarding the tone, the and specifically the ending. We discuss the impact of the ending as well as the scene after the ending of the film. It’s a fun discussion and a chance to see what happens when one co-host doesn’t quite enjoy the film as much as the other. You should do yourself a favor and check this one out!

Kevin Rudolf – In the City

Eric Williams, Courtney Leaver, Plain Label Podcast

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The Keith Show starring Keith Episode 5 – The Groot, the Bad, and the Ugly

In this episode Ryan King is back, joining Keith to discuss Guardians of the Galaxy.  They also make fun of Luke Foster.  In a post-script Keith talks about the death of Robin Williams.

Movie Noise: Guardians of the Galaxy corrections

Host Derek Coward has a couple of corrections from the recent Guardians of the Galaxy review.

Movie Noise: Guardians of the Galaxy Parking Lot Review

Host Derek Coward, along with his kids Stephen and Araya, talk about 2014’s “Guardians of The Galaxy” on the ride home.

PLP – Episode 66 – Childhood Favorites Part 1

imageIn this episode we begin a discussion on some of our Childhood Favorites! Our first two selections are The NeverEnding Story and The Goonies! We begin the discussion with a look at The NeverEnding Story. Eric goes through the child report and the reasons behind why he loves the film and why it was his selection. They discuss the character designs, the complex ending where the reader of the book is transported into the book he’s reading, and some of the more entertaining aspects of the film. We then move into The Goonies, the cult favorite and the hosts discuss how they came to this film and their reactions to it 30 years after it’s initial release. They discuss some of their favorite lines, some of the problems with the booby traps, and some of the more memorable scenes from the beloved film. It’s another fun discussion, and you should do yourself a favor and check it out!

Cyndi Lauper – Goonies ‘R’ Good Enough

Eric Williams, Rachel Szelag, Plain Label Podcast

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