PLP – Pod Shots – Hard Boiled

imageIn this episode, I’m joined by returning guest, Mr. Shawn Pryor. Once again we are discussing a John Woo Hong Kong action film and this time we’re going with Hard Boiled. We get into why this film, the poetic action pieces, the emotions this film can convey through action films, the lead performances and their motivations and the bad ass that is Mad Dog. Shawn and I get into the film and really begin to gush over how beautifully shot the film is and how wonderful the action sequences are. We do have a few problems with the film and we discuss that along with the ending. It’s always a great time having Shawn on and if you haven’t already checked out his podcast, you should do yourself and favor and do that. Also if you haven’t checked out this film or The Killer we would highly recommend those films, they are certainly worth a watch.

Hard Boiled OST – Hard Boiled Overture

Eric Williams, Shawn Pryor, Plain Label Podcast

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William Friedkin Episode 2


On this episode of Filmographies, Cameron and Eric are joined by writer/artist Gabriel Hardman to discuss the golden age of Friedkin. We discuss “The French Connection,” “The Exorcist” and “Sorcerer.” Did we love all three? Did arguments in sue? Has anyone seen French Connection 2 or the Exorcists prequels? Give a listen and find out!


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Movie Review: Tammy (2014)

tammy1Okay, raise your hand if you saw Melissa McCarthy’s last solo vehicle; Identity Thief?  If you didn’t raise your hand, don’t worry… you didn’t miss anything.  I think I reviewed that movie somewhere on here before, and if I remember correctly I gave it a pretty poor review.  It was a poor movie for such a talented comedic actress.

Well, I am happy to report that McCarthy’s latest starring film; Tammy, was a delight, and much funnier than the film before it.

I realize it’s not all that fair to judge an actors performance on the one before it, but to date Identity Thief and Tammy are her only two starring roles, where she is the center of the film… it is a Melissa McCarthy “vehicle”  (I suppose you could say that The Heat is also a Melissa McCarthy vehicle, but it’s equally a Sandra Bullock vehicle as well).

Not unlike the character she played in Identity Thief, the eponymous character of this film share certain intellectual shortcomings… meaning, they are both dumb, dimwitted, and just all around not smart.  But the big difference here is that Tammy ultimately has heart, and cares for the ones around her.

For those unfamiliar, Tammy; is about a down on her luck fast food employee who loses her job, and discovers her husband is cheating on her, all in the same day.  After finally having had enough, she and her alcoholic grandmother hit the road to find a new life. Tammy’s grandmother; played by the great Susan Sarandon, is the only person who believes in Tammy and will do whatever it takes to help her find a new life, and maybe protect her or lose her in the process.

There’s a long history of “road movies”; where the two main characters hit the road in search of something better, heck one of the greatest road movies of all time; Thelma and Louise, also stars Susan Sarandon.  As with any road movie, the protagonists go on a journey, and on the way they discover not only the world that they never knew existed, but they also discover themselves as well.  And along the way, they have many side journeys that either help to move the story along, or to add some comic relief.

This film is no different, except it brings on a lot more laughs than many road movie predecessors.  In fact, in this movie the laughs keep on coming… and it keeps the film fun and enjoyable, while also adding a lot of heart.

Overall the movie was; much to my surprise, good… in fact it was really good.  It was very well written (co-written by McCarthy and her husband Ben Falcone, who also directed the movie) and even though the title character mainly serves as the butt of the jokes, it never once felt like the comedy was over the top or out-of-place.

Sadly because of Identity Thief, and because of the similarity between characters, I almost passed this movie by without giving it a chance.  I was very pleased that I had watched it, and I hope that Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone can come up with many more films that are just as funny and enjoyable as this one.

Also sadly, it seems I’m the only one who feels this way about this movie, as Tammy is on the list of the worst movies of 2014.  As usual, I am contrary to any popular opinions… but that’s why you love me right?


PLP – Episode 76 – Spoofs Part 4

imageWelcome to the Plain Label Podcast! In this episode we are concluding our two month long theme of Spoofs with a discussion of National Lampoon’s Loaded Weapon 1 and Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story! We begin with a discussion on Loaded Weapon and mention some of our favorite aspects of the film. We mention a few things that don’t quite work before getting into the ridiculous cast this film has behind it. Moving into our second film, we discuss Walk Hard, Eric’s apprehension with the film and the comedy styling of John C. Reilly. We compare and contrast this film with Loaded Weapon as well as Walk the Line. Again we mention some of our favorite moments of the film before a wrap up of our thoughts on this genre as a whole. It’s another fun and funny episode, do yourself a favor and check it out

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Dewey Cox

Eric Williams, Rachel Szelag, Plain Label Podcast

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The Keith Show starring Keith Episode 17 – Santa’s Radioactive Roofie Dust

Keith goes toe-to-toe with the “classic” holiday film SANTA CLAUS VERSUS THE DEVIL and only one will survive.

PLP – Pod Shots – The Place Beyond The Pines

imageIn this episode, I’m joined by returning guest, and title holder for most times on Pod Shots, Mr. Steve Bruns! This time around we are discussing the 2013 film The Place Beyond The Pines staring Ryan Gosling, Eva Mendes and Bradley Cooper. We begin discussing the first third of the film and dissecting that section and specifically Gosling’s performance as handsome Luke. We move into the more politically charged middle section which leaves Steve all hot and bothered before moving into the controversial last third of the film. We discuss the format, the plot, the script, the acting, the choices that were made and what it all means. It’s a film that left some disappointed and some wanting more, which makes it perfect for pod shots! It’s another fun episode with Steve and we certainly think, and hope you’ll enjoy it!

Matt Patton – The Snow Angel

Eric Williams, Steve Bruns, Plain Label Podcast

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The Keith Show starring Keith Episode 16 – A Short Talk about Big Heroes

Ryan King is back to discuss the Disney/Marvel animated feature Big Hero 6.  The guys also talk about recent Marvel casting news and speculate on the cinematic future of Spider-Man.

Movie Noise: Top Five Films of 2014

Host Derek Coward returns with a quick look at his Top Five Films of 2014, because he knows he won’t be seeing more new films for the rest of the year so he might as well get it out of the way now.

PLP – Episode 75 – Spoofs Part 3

imageHello and welcome to the 75th episode of Plain Label Podcast! In this episode we continue with our look at Spoofs with a discussion on the films High Anxiety and Don’t Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood!. We begin with a short discussion on Mel Brooks and the films that brought us to the director. We mention that this is both our first look at High Anxiety and go over some of what works for us including some of our favorite scenes. We the move into Don’t be a Menace and discuss why it is clearly chess vs. checkers when comparing it to the work of Brooks. We again mention some of the scenes that really work and some of the ones that left us rolling our eyes. It’s a fun and funny episode, do yourself a favor and check it out

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Mel Brooks – High Anxiety

Eric Williams, Rachel Szelag, Plain Label Podcast

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The Keith Show starring Keith Episode 15 – Make MY Marvel

In the glut of speculation that Marvel’s upcoming Secret Wars anniversary event will see some manner of continuity reboot, Keith is joined by Alan White for a thought experiment.  Basically, the idea is this: what creative decisions would Keith make if he was given the unenviable task of rebooting the Marvel Universe.  Alan plays the role of the audience, responding to Keith’s pitches to see if they’re any good.

Yes a hoax!  Yes an imaginary story!  Worlds will live!  Worlds won’t die!  Everything will probably be the same again!